A Tribute to Wallace York

My father, Wallace York, was a faithful husband, father, grandfather and pastor who touched many lives before his death in 2009. He pastored many people in the course of his life and, though he was only a sinner saved by God’s grace, nearly everyone who was fortunate enough to have him as a shepherd will attest that he loved the Lord, He loved God’s Word, and he really loved people.

Especially children. Any kids who were ever around my father for even just a few minutes were treated to his fake French, watching him take his thumb off, or hearing him talk like Donald Duck. He could carry on an entire conversation and sound just like Donald Duck. He even joked that his mother was a duck because she waddled when she walked. Kids absolutely loved to run to him as soon as they got to church and to plead for him to talk like Donald Duck. No matter what was going on, he always obliged. He loved children.

I miss my father every day. I miss our Sunday night phone calls telling one another what we each preached that day and how it went. I miss cheering for Kentucky Basketball with him, or commiserating over Kentucky football, or hearing the same five corny jokes that were the extent of his comedic repertoire. Every time “No Time for Sergeants” comes on TV, I yearn to see his eyes squint with laughter. I really wish he could be with me on November 13 for the first public worship service in Buck Run’s new building. I know he would be overwhelmed with joy at what God has done and his voice would choke with emotion in some expression of praise.

I have wanted to honor my dad in some tangible way and now I have the perfect venue. The indoor playground equipment for our children’s wing cost $38,000, and I think it would be appropriate and fitting for people who knew and loved my dad to help me raise that amount to honor him and to bless the children who are growing up under his son’s ministry with a place to play and expend their energy in a safe, loving, Christ-centered environment. By God’s providential grace, some of my father’s own great-grandchildren are among those who will play and be taught there.

If those who knew and loved my father will do this in his honor, we will purchase high-quality, safe play equipment that will stand in the Wallace York Play Area as a tribute to the man who taught me God’s Word and will be used to help Buck Run Baptist Church train and teach children to love the Word of God that he faithfully taught and preached for so many decades before God called him home.

I intend no pressure on anyone, only an opportunity to honor my father and bless the children whom God will bring to Buck Run. If you can give, the process is simple and easy to complete online by clicking the link below or simply by mailing your donation to Buck Run Baptist Church, 3894 Georgetown Road, Frankfort, KY 40601. Once the goal is met and we can purchase the equipment, this opportunity will disappear. We are seeking only enough to meet this goal and no more. If you feel led to be a part of it, your gift is completely tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from Buck Run Baptist Church for tax return purposes.

Thank you for your tribute to my father and your investment in our children.